Eco cities essay

The term eco-city can be applied to existing eco-city or master plan eco-city as affirm by register's when he explains that there are two ways to go about building eco-cities: changing existing towns or building new ones (register 1987 .

History tells us how most cities prospered by assuring supplies of food and forest products from the surrounding countryside some medieval european cities had concentric rings of market gardens, forests, orchards, farm and grazing land this is also true of many cities in asia future cities have a great deal to learn from this model.

Starting from cities in asia, like hong kong finishing with san francisco, usa, government leaders working on creating “eco-city” sustainable city is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, different kind of pollutions and waste.

In simple word, eco-city is settlement where it allows the citizen to live and work using minimum resources in the past, most of the cities are small and within walk able distance till 1800 but the advent of industrial revolution changed all that, along with the many changes it bought about.

Eco cities essay

Essay about sustainable cities - can future cities be designed to be truly sustainable in a world where over half of the human population calls a city their home, the need to restructure and revolutionize the way we design our urban environments has never been greater.

The project, smart eco-cities for a green economy: a comparative analysis of europe and china, was delivered by a research consortium comprising scholars and researchers in the uk, china, the netherlands, france, and germany.

Several european cities have also worked out strategies of sustainable development using renewable energy sources an example of such a strategy is the sustainability barcelona project in 2000, barcelona became the first european city which passed a special law on the use of solar energy.

eco cities essay The perceived importance of reworking smart cities as sustainable cities is frequently narrated through the increasing numbers of people now living in cities, which have become dominant sites of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Eco cities essay
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